July 27, 2020

Posted By: Christi

3 Rounds:
50 Double Under
40 Wall Ball (20/14)
30 Box Jump Over (24/20)
20 Burpee
Goal: Sub 21 min

Some higher rep work today but something you should be working to get all your exercises done in no more than 3-4 sets on any round. If you want to push the pace a bit and test your stamina try some bigger sets on the wall ball. Strong and steady pace on both the box jump over and burpee. It’s going to be easy to want to slow down here but settle into a pace and stick with it so you can finish strong!

Optional Accessory 3x:
Glute Bridge x 10
:30sec Hollow Hold or Bent Knee Hollow Hold

Couch Stretch
2-3min per side