July 28, 2020

Posted By: Christi

AMRAP 12 min
12 T2B
6 Deadlift (225/155)
1 Rope Climb
Goal: 6+ Rounds
Notes: Sub 5 Strict Pull-ups/Hard Ring Rows for Rope Climb

Midline and grip on this one!! The T2B may be smart to break up from the start for some of us. 2-3 sets with quick breaks to keep moving and save the grip a bit. Weight on the deadlift is moderate and something that you should be able to move confidently and quickly even under fatigue. Touch and go reps here. Maximize that pull on the rope climb and make sure you get your lock dialed in. If you don’t have a rope or are working on developing the climb try a lay to stand for a sub today since there is already some more midline work with the T2B during the workout.

Optional Accessory
Balance Work 3xs:
:30sec ea. Single Leg Balance w/ T-hold
:20/side Bird Dog

We are going to be adding in some balance work here and there in the upcoming weeks. This is a great way to challenge ourselves and also adds tons of value in keeping athletic as we get older. Have fun with this an focus on quality positions.

Post Work
Banded Lat Stretch
1-2 min per side
Lying Thoracic Rotation
10 each way