July 29, 2020

Posted By: Christi

For Time:
30 Thruster (185/135)

Ah yes, the Thruster. This one is going to be a treat with the heavier load and moderate reps. You can string these together however you like but ending up with singles and doing a cluster may be one of the faster ways to finish this one off depending on how you feel. Loading is definitely on the heavy side but it’s a weight you should be able to cycle 5-7 reps with unbroken if you really went for it. If you can’t cycle the weight adjust the loading to maintain the stimulus. At the least we are looking for you to be able to hit roughly 4 reps/min or so. Dig in and have some fun with this one!

Optional Accessory
As Far as Possible in 7 min:
Double KB Farmers Carry (53’s/35’s)

Time under tension to finish things off! The loading is simply a guideline. We want it to be a bit heavier so that you have to put the weight down and get some breaks throughout. You shouldn’t be able to carry for much more than 150 or 200 meters max without having to put the weight down. Don’t rush the carry, walk at a normal pace. Much of the value comes from you being with the weight and not simply how far you can go.

Post Work
Foam Roll IT Band & Quads:
2-3 min per side