July 4, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Regular Schedule Today!

For Time:
Deadlift (225/155)
OHS 135/95
Time Cap: 6 min

An old .com classic with the deadlift and OHS combo. Taxing on the midline, shoulders, and lungs. Choose weights that allow for quality mechanics even at fatigue if you need to adjust them from those listed. Breaking things up isn’t a bad idea either but you should be able to keep each round at no more than 3 work sets to finish things up.

Optional Accessory
Easy AMRAP 10 min
3-7 Reps of Gymnastics GOAT
200 meter Run
Notes: 3-7 Strict Reps of a Push or Pull Gymnastics Movement of your Choice

The run is there like the previous weeks to get the heart rate up a bit and create some fatigue but not a ton. The gymnastics movement is one of your choice but it should be a strict variation. If you can’t complete the full movement “strict” try a progression or variation of it that allows you to do so. Think of building good, quality strength, through the full range of motion.