July 9, 2020

Posted By: Christi

For Time:
200/180 Cal Bike
Goal: Sub 20 min
Notes: Every :90 sec complete 6 Box Jump (30/24)

Going into this workout with a bit of strategy will be key! Athletes will be accumulating calories on a :90sec interval. Every :90sec you will come off the bike to do 6 box jumps. Box jumps should be done at a strong and steady pace that challenge you just a bit with height. Keep in mind this workout is for time so we don’t want you standing around your box hesitating to jump. Set a calorie rep range you are confident hitting within a minute. This will look different for everyone but something between 8-15 calories a minute would be a good place to start. Looking at this workout you should be thinking of biking for roughly 1 minute and :30sec of box jumps + transition. Start strong and finishing strong. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast on this one! Depending on class size, sub Bike for Rower. Same calories.

4/4 Eccentric Bulgarian Split Squat (:06 seconds down)
10-15 Glute Bridge or Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold