June 12, 2020

Posted By: Christi

“Not Quite Fran”
0-2 min: 21 Thruster
2-4 min: 21 Strict Pull Up
4-6 min: 15 Thruster
6-8 min: 15 Strict Pull Up
8-10 min: 9 Thruster
10-12 min: 9 Strict Pull Up

This is another workout where loading is a bit of the focus but we still want you able to recover with a 1 minute rest before starting the next exercise. Choose a weight that allows you to do this and adjust as you go. The weight on the bar should be going up as you go. Have some fun with this one and keep the intensity reasonable while dipping the toe in the water a bit.

If you are feeling the pull-ups from Wednesday, feel free to sub out burpees.

Optional Accessory
Icon Shoulder Maintenance or Crossover Symmetry

Post Work:
2min Couch Stretch
1min ea. Banded Lat Stretch