June 16, 2020

Posted By: Christi

3 Rounds:
10 Clean and Jerk (155/105)
Run 200 meters
40 Air Squat
Goal: Sub 12 min

Clean and Jerk is a touch on the heavier side today. This is something you could do a few touch and go reps with but singles will most likely be the key to keep moving quickly. Push the pace on the run and go right into the squats. Strong and steady pace here. Be prepared for those quads to have a bit of a burn as you go into the clean and jerk on round 2. Trust your fitness on this one and go for it!

Optional Accessory
3 Rounds for Quality
150′ Farmers Carry (53’s/35’s)
7 1/4 Get Up (right) (53/35)
7 1/4 Get Up (left) (53/35)
Goal: Just get it done

Take your time on the carries as they don’t need to be something you rush. Time under tension is a good thing here. The 1/4 get up can be a challenging movement so adjust the loading as needed. Rest between sets if you like or just keep moving at a steady pace. Your choice today but keep the focus on quality and don’t worry about intensity here.

Post Work
Forward Fold 2-3min
Lying Thoracic Rotation 10ea Side