June 22, 2020

Posted By: Christi

EMOM 16 min
Min 1: 200 meter Run
Min 2: 8 Pull Up + 8 T2B
Min 3: 200 meter Run
Min 4: 5 Hang Power Clean + 5 Push Jerk (155/105)

Hustle on that run so you earn a bit of rest before getting into the work on the next min. The pull up/T2B combo is in the same min so this is going to be all about you keeping that kip consistent and working stamina in these movements. For the barbell work see if you can gut it out and go right from the hang power clean into the push jerk. If not, no stress but be smart on not doing another hang power clean accidentally if you don’t have to.

Optional Accessory
3 Rounds for Quality
100′ Reverse Sled Drag (heavy)
10 Barbell Glute Bridge (heavy)
50′ Handstand Walk
Notes: Athlete chooses the weight on the sled and barbell. Loading should be heavy but allow for unbroken sets.

Hips and Handstand Work:
Keep your hips relatively low and knees bent on the reverse sled drag. This will keep you working the quads and getting the most out of the movement. The barbell glute bridge should be heavy but something you can get all 10 reps with each round. If you don’t have a handstand walk yet this is a great opportunity to get in some practice. I would suggest doing some attempts for roughly :30 to :40 seconds and using it as practice today.

Shoulder Maintenance 3xs:
20ea Single Arm Banded Pull Down
15 Banded Face Pulls
:20sec Reverse Grip Hang