June 24, 2020

Posted By: Christi

AMRAP 10 min
50′ Walking Lunge w/ Medball (20/14)
25 Wall Ball (20/14)
50 Double Under
Goal: 4+ Rounds

Loving the looks of this one. The lunge should have you holding the Medball on your chest. Think of a front rack carry. This goes right into the wall ball so the legs will be cooked on this one after a few rounds. Breaking things up isn’t a bad idea if it keeps you moving and allows you to have a strong pace. Smooth and steady on the doubles so you can save your shoulders as well.

Optional Accessory
Banded Hip and Knee Work (25′ walk forward, 25′ walk backward, 25′ side step left, 25′ side step right)
Plank Reach through 2 x 10/side
Cossack Squat 2 x 15
Bird Dog 4 x :20 sec/side

For the banded hip/knee work, feel free to use the Halo Bands or mini band doubled up.

Post Work
Pigeon Stretch 1x:
2min each side