June 25, 2022

Posted By: Christi

8am-10am: Open Gym
10am: Group WOD

Teams of 2 – for time:
Barbell Carry, pick load, 800m
X Ground-to-Overheads, pick load

The team workout today is going to be a fun one! You and a partner get to choose the weight you want to use on the barbell but need to do some math to figure out how many reps that would equate to for the ground to overhead work. You can complete the work in ANY order you want with the carries and barbell work but come up with a game plan that can keep you moving at a steady pace throughout. You can complete a clean and jerk or snatch. Bar just needs to go from the ground to over your head.

Accessory Work
50 Banded Straight Arm Pull Down
25 Banded Split Stance Good Morning /side
50 Banded Press
50 Banded Squat

Accessory work today is a variety of movements that will help strengthen those smaller muscle groups to better support the bigger muscle groups. Work at this for quality using a light mini band. The goal is to get each movement done in as few sets as possible.