June 26, 2020

Posted By: Christi

For Time:
150 Swings (70/53)
Goal: Sub 10 min

Single modality WL day with high rep swings. We have done this one before and it’s quite the burner. We would recommend that you go into this workout with a little bit of a plan. Think about starting with some bigger sets so long that you are comfortable with it. Some might be better off to break these into smaller sets. Think 15 sets of 10 or for bigger sets 25-25-20-20-15-15-10-10-10. The grip will likely be a big factor here. Reduce reps or load as needed!

Optional Accessory
3 Rounds for Quality
15 Weighted Abmat Sit Up
50′ Suitecase Carry (right)
10 Teapot (right)
50′ Suitecase Carry (left)
10 Teapot (left)
Goal: Just get it done

Midline work! Be flexible with the weights on this workout. We don’t have any listed because we want you to choose what allows you do to the reps unbroken while being challenged and keeping quality of movement. If these are different between each movement that’s fine. Adjust as necessary.

Post Work
Forward Fold 2-3 minutes