June 29, 2020

Posted By: Christi

This week we will be attacking the rogue invitational workouts. These workouts are simple and pack a punch.

For Time:
240 Double Unders
2 rds
40 T2B
30/24 Calories Bike
Time Cap: 13 minutes

Keep your pacing in check with short breaks as needed and make sure to go into the 2 rounds feeling relatively fresh and ready. Break those T2B up early! This is all a game of pacing and consistency with your rest. Find ways to minimize your rest even if your work sets go down quite a bit. Bike should be something on the first round that keeps you working but still allows for some recovery to get back on those T2B quick. By round 2 go for it on the bike to finish strong!

Optional Accessory
3 Rounds
50′ Sled Push (heavy)
5 Barbell Row Row (heavy)
Notes: Rest 2 min between each round.

Sled weight is something you can choose. It should be heavy but also a weight that you can push for the entire distance without stopping on the first half or so of the workout. Row should be on the heavier side but something you should be able to confidently do a set of 5 with when you are fresh.

Midline Accessory 3xs:
:30sec Hollow Hold
:30sec-1min Archer Hold