June 3, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Power Snatch

Heavy day! Power Snatch with some lower rep ranges and descending rep schemes. This means we want to see weight going up on the barbell from each lowering rep range. Rest no less than 2 min and no more than 4 min between sets and adjust loading as needed. Focus on pulling under the barbell and receiving with those feet in your squat stance from the warm up sets on so you can apply it to the heavier loadings.

Optional Accessory
For Time:
30/25 Cal Row
30 Burpee
30/25 Cal Row
Goal: Sub 6 min

Reps are on the shorter side so you can really push the pace on this one. Go hard from the start and see if you can hang on to that pace on the last set of the ski erg/row.

Post Work:
Shoulder Accessory 3xs 10ea:
Front Raise
Lateral Raise
Bent Over Row
Notes: Use a 2.5# or 5# plate.