June 6, 2024

Posted By: Christi

ZONE 2 Training…There is great value to this type of training! Over the next 9 weeks we will be doing some specific Zone 2 work and if you have a heart rate monitor we suggest using it. Zone 2 is roughly holding a heart rate that is 185 bpm minus your age. For example, at 35 years old your zone 2 heart rate would be 185-35= 150 bpm. For some this will feel very low and for others, it may feel high. Regardless, we are going to be working on keeping this threshold in our longer duration workouts, 1 day/week, ideally using a heart rate monitor.

Benefits of Zone 2 training:
Aids in Faster Recovery
Better Mental Health
Promotes Sustainability
Increased Cardiovascular Health
Increases Fat Metabolism
Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels

Complete as many rounds as possible in 40 mins of:
Row, 1 km
30 Box Jumps, 20 in
20 No Push-up Burpees
10 Toes-to-bars
Goal: Stay in Zone 2 for all 40 mins.

Post Work
For quality:
75 Banded Bicep Curls
75 Banded Tricep Extensions