June 8, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Deload Week!

Starting off the deload week with the focus and efforts on productive workouts allowing for recovery. Keep in mind that these serve a purpose to our progress and are important to our overall gains so make the most of this week, take care of any nagging tweaks and avoid them becoming more than that.

3 Position Snatch
Notes: Use no more than 65-70% on any set.

Clean and Jerk
3 Position Clean and Jerk
Notes: Complete the jerk only after the rep from the floor. Use no more than 65-70% on any set.

3 Position work today where we want you taking note of the percentages we have listed. Don’t exceed these and work on speed under the barbell as well as quality foot position and consistency here. Pay attention to the barbell reaching the hip pocket on all lifts (this is position 1). These will feel slightly different from the snatch to the clean and jerk but the concept is the same.

15 min Jog, Bike or Row
Notes: The focus should be on an easy/ moderate pace and should not be overly straining.

Post Work:
Shoulder Maintenance 2-3xs
8 Wall Slides
:20sec ea. Side Plank + External Rotation