June 8, 2022

Posted By: Christi

Heavy Day!

Power Clean

This is our heavy day for the week and we have a descending rep scheme with the power clean! Ideally, you’re able to build in weight with each set but you can also repeat weight as needed. Focus on quality reps and consistency with each rep. We recommend to reset each rep from the floor. This should allow you to lift more weight and keep the quality of your reps high. Take one set roughly every 2:30-minutes.

Accessory Work
Every 1 min for 12 mins, alternating between:
7 Strict Handstand Push-ups or Z Press
7 L/7 R Bulgarian Split Squats, pick load
15 Weighted Sit-ups, pick load

Accessory lifts today will be done in an EMOM, which will be a total of 4 rounds. Adjust reps and weight as needed. Choose a rep scheme that will challenge you but also allow for quality reps. The Bulgarian split squat can be done with or without weight holding any way you would like to get it done. You should have at least :15seconds of rest before heading into the next minute.