June 9, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Deload week continues…

Flow Workout
5 min Row
40 Mini Band Good Morning
10 Hanging Hip Touch
5 Turkish Get Up/Side
5 min Bike
40 Band Face Pull
20 Band Pull Apart
10 Scap Push Up
5 min Run
20 Alternating Single Leg Box Step Up
10 Cossack Squat
5 Wall Walk

Mix of dynamic mobility and a touch higher rep work while we work to get our heart rate up. Keep the 5 min efforts reasonable and at roughly 70%. The work between should be focused on quality. Break things up as needed in order to keep things this way. Adjust loading and choose weight or band tension that is reasonable for you today.

Optional Accessory
Accumulate the following:
4 min Wall Sit
2 min Hollow Hold

Love the static work for building strength in positions and changing things up a bit. You can break these up as much as you need and rest as needed between efforts. This should be a bit challenging but nothing crazy. Lower the duration of effort if needed to keep things reasonable.