March 10, 2021

Posted By: Christi


Use the heaviest weight you can for each set.
Rest as needed between sets.

Our heavy day today includes the snatch! Today’s focus will be the goal of perfect reps throughout and avoiding any failed sets if possible. The variation of the snatch can be either power or squat. For today we want you to drop the barbell between each rep on the 3’s and 2’s to focus on a solid setup position from the floor. Again, the goal is “perfect” reps and no failed lifts!


3 rounds for quality of:
Side Plank, L 20 secs/R 20 sevs
10 Parallette Shoot Throughs
10 L/10 R Lateral Med Ball Toss, pick load
5 Strict Toes-to-bars

Rest as needed between each round.

Post Work
3xs :20sec each:
3-Way Shoulder Stretch