March 29, 2022

Posted By: Blake

Part 1
Hang Power Clean

The first part of today’s session is going to have you building to a heavy hang power clean. This is more or less of a primer before heading into the workout. We want you to focus on quality reps. Ideally, you are building in weight to something that is moderately heavy although if this is new to you, feel free to repeat weight as needed. Take roughly 5 to 8 sets resting anywhere from :90sec-2-minutes between sets within the 10 minute window.

Part 2
5 rounds for time of:
20 Box Jumps, 24/20 in
10 Hang Power Cleans, 155/105 lbs
Goal: Sub 12 mins

Simple couplet for today that is going to have a high heart rate and be challenging on the legs. The box jump is at a standard height and I would suggest considering stepping down to control the pace if needed. Modify the height as needed but ideally, you are jumping at some capacity even if that’s to only a 10-inch stack of plates. Further, you can modify to a box step up. Hang power clean weight is on the moderate side and something that you should be able to do it no more than two sets on any round, even under fatigue.

Post Work
3-4 rounds for quality of:
3 Plate Overhead AbMat Sit-ups, pick load
5 Plate Sit-ups, pick load
7 Lying Leg Raises
20 Flutter Kicks

Accessory work today is going to be focusing on the midline. Today is a jam-packed hour so if you don’t have time for the accessory do not stress about getting it done. Notice that this gets progressively harder and the reps go up with each movement. You will need a plate of a light to moderate load and you should be able to easily transition from one movement to the next only resting as needed between rounds. This is intended to be done for quality.