March 8, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Clean & Jerk
1 Rep Max

Find your 1RM for the day in 20 mins.

Today we get the chance to test things out and see what kind of result we had from the past 9 weeks. Don’t feel stressed, simply be confident and focus on the few things the help you to lift well! Avoid multiple failed reps and work to have quality mechanics despite heavy loads.

Then –

Every 5 mins for 20 mins do:
20 Hand Release Push-ups
10 Pull-ups
5 Hang Power Cleans, 225/155 lbs
10 Pull-ups
20/17 Row Calories

Goal: 4 mins or less/round

The goal is to be finishing each round in 4 mins or less. We have this written within the 5 mins to help control some of the intensity but you should adjust any reps or loading necessary to make the 4 min goal without too much of an issue. This may be in the form of the push-up or the loading on the hang power clean. We are still looking to have some heavy weight on the bar here but ideally, you can get all 5 in a row with some effort. If you do have to break it should be no more than 1 time and with minimal rest.

Post Work
3xs :20sec each:
3-Way Shoulder Stretch