May 1, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Zoom @ 5:30am & Noon
Gear Return Today 1:30-2:30 & Friday 11-1:30

Front Squat
15 min to Build Up to a moderate to heavy set of 3
Notes: No more than 85%

5 Rounds on the 3 min
9 Wall Ball (30/20)
6 Bar Muscle Up
3 reps of your “Goat”
Notes: Your “goat” is a movement that you need to work on. Be flexible on the reps. It can be a higher skill movement or working on positioning in some of our basic lifts. If you do choose a lift make it position/skill oriented and take the emphasis off of loading.

Optional Accessory
20ea Side Lying Leg Raise
20ea Side Lying Adductor Raise
10ea Reverse Lunge to High Knee