May 11, 2021

Posted By: Christi

EMOM 15 Minutes, alternating between:
Min 1: 5 Strict Ring Muscle-ups (see variation below)
Min 2: 4x 1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Push Jerks, pick load
Min 3: 5 Box Jumps

We have an EMOM on deck for today and this one will be focusing on some higher skill work! For the strict ring muscle up, we want you to focus on position, specifically on the turnover. If you don’t have a strict ring muscle up or aren’t at a place to practice the turnover, work on developing strength by doing a strict pull up and dip variation (see options). Barbell complex has you working at 50-60% of either your power clean and jerk 1RM or whatever is your limiting factor which will likely be the push jerk. The box jump should be high as we want you challenging yourselves here. Each one of these minutes will look different from athlete to athlete, so it’s important that you choose options that appropriately challenge you. Try to keep about :15-:10sec of rest and transition with each minute.

Strict RMU Variations:
5 Ring Row/ Inverted Row + 5 Elevated Push Up
3-5 Jumping Pull Ups + 3-5 Jumping Ring Dip
3-5 Banded Pull Ups + 3-5 Banded Ring Dip
3-5 Strict Pull Ups + 3-5 Strict Dips
5 Kneeling Muscle-Up Transition
5 Seated Banded Ring Muscle Up

2-3 Rounds, supersetting the movements
Russian Twist 20-20-20, using heaviest weight per set
Weighted AbMat Sit-up 10-10-10, using heaviest weight per set
Standing Teapot 20-20-20, using heaviest weight per set
*teapots= 10L/10R

Post Work
1min per side Single Arm Pec Stretch
1min per side Banded Tricep Stretch