May 11, 2022

Posted By: Christi

Part 1
1 Power Clean + 1 Push Jerk
Take 12 minutes to build to a heavy single for the day. Continue to build in weight so long that you are feeling good and moving well. Take between 6-8 working sets.

Part 2
Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 mins of:
3 Push Jerks, 185/125 lbs
6 Power Cleans, 185/125 lbs
9 Deadlifts, 185/125 lbs
Run, 200 m

Goal: 6+ Rounds

For this AMRAP you will be working smaller rep ranges with a heavier load. The barbell is intended to be heavy although you should still be able to remain confident in the weight as you get tired. For the complex, we would recommend doing all three push jerks in an unbroken set, power cleans in singles, and the deadlifts in an unbroken set. Ideally, you can stay moving on the bar and are able to go right into the run. Each 200-meter run should be consistent and allow you to get right to work on the barbell. The run should take roughly :45-1min to complete. Modify this to any other mono structural movement of a similar distance or time domain.

Post Work
2-3 Rounds:
:20sec per side Overhead Samson Stretch
:30sec per side Kneeling Glute Stretch