May 18, 2022

Posted By: Christi

Build the Base

3 rounds for max reps of:

max rep Row Calories, 3 mins
max rep Dumbbell Push Press, 35/25 lbs, 1 min
max rep Dumbbell Walking Lunges, 35/25 lbs, 1 min
max rep Bike Erg Calories, 3 mins
4 Renegade Rows, 35/25 lbs + 8 Alternating Mountain Climbers, 1 min
max rep AbMat Sit-ups, 1 min

Our longer workout for the week! The goal for this workout is to have you working at a steady pace from start to finish. The loading in this workout should be fairly light allowing you to continuously move.

Post Work
2min per side Couch Stretch
:90sec Box Shoulder Stretch
1min Cat Cow