May 22, 2020

Posted By: Christi

5 x 500 meters
Notes: Rest 2 min between efforts

These are row sprints! Having said that the goal is to have consistency across all your intervals. See if you can keep each effort within :10 sec of one another so you should be thinking of 90-95% effort here for your first interval and hanging on for the rest!! Stick to that 2 min rest and trust in that recovery, dig in, and work hard.

Optional Accessory
For Quality
30 T2B
30 T2B

This is for quality so don’t stress on the clock. You can do these movement strict if you like and break them up more or work on cycling reps with an efficient kip. Regardless the goal should be to get in the skill and strength work correlated to these and not crush ourselves… the rowing should have taken care of that.

2min ea. Foam Roll Quads
2min ea. Foam Roll IT Band