May 26, 2020

Posted By: Christi

4 Rounds
4 min work, 1 min rest
Bike for total max Calories across all 4 min

This is a great conditioning test and has been also used with testing to if your max average wattage. Don’t stress about the measurement but focus on consistency here. The 1 min rest is going to allow for just enough recovery for you to push on each interval but you’re going to have to be smart from the start of the workout. Generally getting that fan moving right off the bat and working to keep a strong and steady pace for each interval will help.

Immediately following:
5 minute easy ride or walk

Optional Bodyweight Accessory
3 Rounds:
20 Sit Up
15-20 Glute Bridge (add a DB for an extra challenge)
20 Russian Twists

Post Work:
2min ea. Side Pigeon Stretch