May 27, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Zooom @ 5am

Run 400 meters
20 Back Rack Reverse Lunge (135/95)
Run 400 meters
20 KB Snatch (right) (53/35)
Run 400 meters
20 KB Snatch (left) (53/35)
Run 400 meters
5 Turkish Get Up (right) (53/35)
Run 400 meters
5 Turkish Get Up (left) (53/35)
Goal: Sub 21 min

Been a bit since we’ve done a chipper and this one has some unilateral work mixed in! Push the pace on each of the runs since the reps are reasonable for each WL movement. The reverse lunge is going to be a bit more challenging since we are going to be looking at eliminating any forward momentum. If you are a ninja at these try putting that front foot on a bumper plate to add some range of motion to the lift. You’re choice here. The snatch has to be done on all one arm as it’s written so you may need to break things up a bit. Get up’s are slow so don’t stress if they feel that way. Do your best to keep steady movement and see if you can do them unbroken. Going to be tough with the high heart rate at this point.

Optional Accessory
3 Rounds for Quality
50 meter Farmers Carry (moderate to heavy)
100 meter Dball, Sandbag Bearhug Carry or Double KB Front Rack Carry (moderate to heavy)
Notes: Athlete chooses the weight. Rest as needed between rounds.

You choose the weight on the carries today. It’s something that should get challenging after the first round to the point of needing to break things up. If you don’t have a sandbag or dball you can sub out a double KB front rack carry.

Post Work:
10ea Alt. High Plank Calf Stretch
10ea Alt. Thoracic Rotation
:30sec ea. Thread the Needle