May 29, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Front Squat

Heavy Day with some Front Squats!! This rep scheme is a bit different but we find it super helpful for dialing in position with some of the heavier loadings. Instead of going for broke on the first set of 1 try to choose a weight that you think you can keep for each set of 1. The set’s of 5 will make this challenging so if you need to change loading up a bit along the way don’t stress. Just try to keep it similar across all sets. If anything, you may see your sets of 5 climb a bit as you’re more warm and the singles go down depending what you choose. Goal is still no failed reps and lets see how consistent you can make it!

NOTE: Depending on class sizes, the class will split up and one group will start with the accessory work while the others squat.

Accessory Work
3 Rounds:
200m Sled Drag (moderate)
15 Weighted Abmat Sit-ups
15 Russian KB Swing (70/53)

Post Work:
100 Banded Leg Curl
100 Seated Calf Raises