May 4, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Back at it today!! Please remember to reserve your time via Zen Planner.

Possible EMOM
OTM x 20 min
8 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
8 Burpee
Notes: These movements are completed in the same minute. If you fall off try lowering the reps by 2 or 3 on each min.

The start of a new cycle!! We have some fun elements programmed into the week. Each week has everything from “possible EMOM’s” to focusing on unilateral work, maybe even a benchmark or two put in there. The GOAT day is a chance for you to work on a skill or movement that you would like to dial in more. It’s going to be a productive 9 weeks, so get ready!

Optional Accessory
3 Rounds NOT for Time:
15 Abmat Sit Up
10 Russian Swing (70/53)
Notes: Rest as Needed Between Rounds.

Post Work
Banded Lying Hamstring Curl 1x:
Couch Stretch 1x:
2min per side