May 5, 2020

Posted By: Christi

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3 Rounds for Time:
21/17 Cal Row
15 Push Press (135/95)
9 Ring Muscle Up
Goal: Sub 15 min
Notes: Sub Ring transitions + Dip, BMU’s or HR Push-up for Ring MU’s.

Retesting this workout from 11/4/19 if you completed it then and want to compare. Simple and a cooker! Push the pace on the row but the combo of the push/pull on the other movements is going to catch up. Be honest with that push press and finish with the legs extended and don’t drop under the barbell. Maximize that kip on the muscle up so you can save your pull AND press in the dip. Before modifying the ring muscle up movement go to lower reps first if needed to meet the goal time.

Optional Accessory
2 Rounds for Quality:
5 Double KB Deadlift (53’s/35’s)
50′ Double KB Farmers Carry
5 Double KB Deadlift
50′ Double KB Front Rack Carry
5 Double KB Deadlift
50′ Double KB Overhead Carry
Notes: Rest 2 min between each round. Sub DB’s if needed

Post Work
Icon Shoulder Maintenance