May 6, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Power Clean + Front Squat + Split Jerk
Find your best lift for the day while accumulating a total of 7 work sets.
Notes: Goal is no failed reps.

We will all find one of these movements to be a limiting factor for us with the lift more so than the complex itself. That movement should be your guide on the loading for today. Work on pulling under the barbell for the power clean with quality foot position that you can squat in rather than sending those feet wide. Ideally you don’t have to move those feet at all for the front squat. Take a moment to gather yourself on the split jerk and focus on reaching your lead foot out with a good lock out. Speed is going to be key here with some of the fatigue from the work on the complex. Goal is no failed reps.

Optional Burner:
AMRAP 5 min
Run 800 meters
With Remaining time complete Max Rep Power Clean (155/105)

So simple and if you really get after this one you can go to a dark place if you want. The time is on the shorter side which means you are going to have to push the pace but the goal is to still have at least :90 sec to work on the clean if not more. Clean weight is a touch on the heavier side but nothing that you can’t do touch and go reps with when your fresh. Quick singles may be the way to go here to keep moving.

Midline Stability
:20sec Alt. Bird Dog (right)
:20sec Bird Dog Hold (right)
:20sec Alt. Bird Dog (left)
:20sec Bird Dog Hold (left)