November 1, 2021

Posted By: Christi

3 rounds for time of:
6 Power Snatches, 135/95 lbs
4 Squat Snatches, 135/95 lbs
5 Shuttle Runs, 20 m (10m down & back)
Goal: Sub 10 mins

This is going to be our shorter workout for the week and the goal is going to be on pushing the intensity so long that you are feeling good and moving well! Barbell should be loaded at a moderate load so you can cycle it quickly and efficiently. Having said that you may consider quick singles to keep moving. If you struggle with the squat snatch try swapping them out for an OHS with the same reps. Focus on quick and efficient turns working in 10-meter increments for the shuttle run. You will go down and back 5 times to put in the work.

Post Work
Bike or Row: 2x 6 mins
Each for distance:

Complete as:
3 mins @ 50%
2 mins @ 70%
1 min @ 80%

Immediately following the for-time workout hop on a bike or rower and begin your aerobic work. Take the first 3-minutes to work at a 50% effort. Then increase your pace to 70% effort for 2 minutes and finally increase to an 80% effort. The goal behind this additional aerobic work is to have you recovering from the workout but to also build your aerobic capacity!