November 17, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Power Snatch, 115/75 lbs
Bar Facing Burpee

Goal: Sub 10 min

This is a workout we have done before but it’s been a while. The power snatch is done at a moderate to light weight. Most will want to break these up from the start. Some will push for unbroken sets the entire way through. Others will break into multiple sets and we would recommend no more than 3 sets per round. The bar-facing burpee should have you working hard. Find a pace that allows you to keep moving. Setting small goals or stepping in and out of the burpee will help keep you moving and will make a difference in the long run. Once you get to the round of 9’s we want to see you picking up the pace and pushing hard to finish within the goal time of 10 minutes.

Post Work
4 rounds for quality of:
Farmer Carry, pick load, 100 ft
15 Weighted or Banded Sit-ups

Finishing today off with a midline piece that is to be done for quality. You should be using the heaviest weight you can for the farmers carry using any piece of equipment that works for you. Dumbbells, kettlebells, Farmers handles or even barbells for an added challenge. Steadily move from one exercise to the next and rest as needed between rounds.