November 18, 2021

Posted By: Christi

With a Partner…
For time:
500 Bike Calories

1 bikes, 1 runs a 400 or rows a 500. Run/Row determines the switch. Continue switching on and off until all 500 calories have been reached on the bike or the 45 minute time cap expires.

Goal: Sub 45 minutes
Time Cap: 50 minutes

Yep, that’s 500 calories you see! This workout will be all about working at a sustainable pace both biking and running or rowing. A good goal time for this workout is 40-45 minutes, although this is still extremely aggressive for some. In order to finish this within 50min you need to average 10 calories per minute. If you know this is no sustainable consider reducing the calories to 350 and in this case, you’d need to average 7-8 calories per minute. Another great option would be to work for 45 minutes and accumulate as many calories as possible. Regardless of how you attack this workout, the goal is a long sustained effort.

Post Work
1-2min per side Foam Roll Quads
1-2min per side Foam Roll IT Bands