November 30, 2021

Posted By: Christi

“Fight Gone Bad”
3 rounds, 1 min per station, for max reps of:
Wall Ball, 20/14 lbs, 10/9 ft
Sumo Deadlift High-pull, 75/55 lbs
Box Jump, 20 in
Push Press, 75/55 lbs
Row Calorie
Rest 1 min

Rotate immediately to the next station every 1 min,
the clock does not stop or reset between stations.

Such a classic benchmark and a fun one to re-visit! We last did this workout on 4/21. This will test our conditioning and ability to pace as well as recover. If you’ve never done this before use it as an opportunity to set a new baseline for the benchmark. If you have done this a number of times, don’t stress so much on the total reps you accumulate but just focus on good, hard work. Try to find a strong and consistent pace with each movement, and work on minimizing

3 rounds for quality of:
Flutter Kick, 20 secs
8 L/8 R Teapots, pick load
Hip Extension Hold, 40 secs
10 L/10 R Paloff Press

Post Work
1-2 minutes each Couch Stretch

Our midline work today has a mix of static holds as well as rotational work. For the flutter kick work to keep your feet 6 inches off the floor. Be reasonable with the weight on the teapot and move through a range of motion that your spine can accommodate. Holding the top of the hip extension should have a focus on bracing through your belly, with the same emphasis on the Paloff press.