October 14, 2020

Posted By: Christi

WE ARE FINALLY MOVED IN!!! See you all at the new space today 🙂

2 rounds for time of:
20 Power Cleans, 135/95 lbs
25 Ring Push-ups
20 Front Squats, 135/95 lbs
25 Pull-ups
20 Push Jerks, 135/95 lbs
25 Toes-to-bars

Goal: sub 20 mins

Rep ranges that are just enough to make you feel a bit uncomfortable and force you to pace! Pacing will be key from the start of this workout. Each athlete will have something they find easier or harder than the other, but either way, you are going to want to work at what feels manageable for you. For the barbell work, we don’t want you to have to break this up into more than 3-4 sets per any round. A good goal here would be using a descending rep scheme like 10-8-7 or 8-7-6-4. If you have to break things up a bit more that’s ok but the rest time should remain minimal. The weight on the bar should be considered light. Drop in weight before lowering the overall rep scheme. Gymnastics movements should take a similar approach. No more than 5-6 sets using a descending rep scheme. Modify the variation or adjust reps as needed here.

3 rounds for quality of:
15 Front Raises, pick load
15 45 Degree Raises, pick load
15 Lateral Raises, pick load