October 26, 2020

Posted By: Christi

For time:
30 Thrusters, 75/55 lbs
9 Strict Pull-ups
20 Thrusters, 75/55 lbs
6 Strict Pull-ups
10 Thrusters, 75/55 lbs
3 STrict Pull-ups

Goal: sub 8 mins

Light weight which means some fast cycle time and not much of a reason to stop. If you do need to break these up it should no more than 1 or 2 times but with super short breaks. I would suggest just going for it on the thrusters and see what you’ve got today! Push the pace on this one with the shorter time domain.

3 rounds for quality of:
R Arm Overhead + L Arm Front Rack Carry, pick load, 50 ft
10 R Pallof Press
L Arm Overhead + R Arm Front Rack Carry, pick load, 50 ft
10 L Pallof Press
Plank-up, 30 secs

No loading listed for the mix carry as we want you to choose something challenging but that allows for quality position and mechanics. Be honest with the front rack hold and keep that knuckle under your chin and elbow just outside your shoulder. The overhead hold should have you relaxing your grip but with an active shoulder. Work to keep your belly tight and avoid overextending in your low back. Pallof press is going to have you focusing on resisting rotation so adjust either the band or the distance you are standing from the rig as needed.