October 4, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Part 1
Pause Back Squat

Find 1RM for the day

This is our last week of the lower body progressive overload and we will be finishing it off with the pause back squat! The goal for this week is to have you working up in weight from what you did last week so long that you are feeling good and moving well. Keep all work sets productive. Be sure you are staying true to the :03sec pause at the bottom. Focus on keeping tension at the bottom of the squat and avoiding the urge to “bounce” or “rebound” out of the bottom of your squat. Next week we will be testing the 1RM back squat and we are excited to see the gains that you have made!

Part 2
Olympic Squat
1 x 15
Accessory lifts today will remain the exact same. The first accessory movement is the olympic squat which will have you hitting a heavy set of 15 reps. Since you have done this now for two weeks in a row and this is the third week you should know exactly where you need to push yourself or possibly back off on the weight. We want this to be a successful set of 15 reps which means we want you to avoid failure and try to make the last 3-4 reps challenging.

Good Mornings

20-30 Banded Good Morning
10-15 Barbell Good Morning (adjust loading as needed).
Ideally you’re increasing in weight or reps.
Record weight on Pause Squat and Olympic Squat and weight/reps on Good Mornings. Leave some room in the tank for the following week.

Shoulder Maintenance
3 rounds for quality of:
Single Arm Waiters Walk, pick load, R 50 ft/L 50 ft