October 6, 2022

Posted By: Christi

5 rounds for time of:
5 Bench Press, 80% 1RM
Row, 300 m
Rest 1:30

Goal: Sub 2-3 min/round

Push and pull with the bench and row today. This is an interval workout and we have percentages listed for the bench press. 80% should feel reasonable for the first round or two but will get tough on the last three. If you need to break the set no worries, but it shouldn’t be anymore than 2 sets to complete your 5 reps. Push the pace on the row since we have rest programmed in and see if you can keep each round fairly consistent there.

Easy AMRAP 8-minutes:
10ea Banded Clamshell
:15sec per side Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold
30 Seated Banded Leg Curl

Today’s accessory work is focusing on hip and knee health. Use a light mini band for the clamshell, moving slowly and with control. The single-leg glute bridge is a hold. Work hard to keep your hips square straight ahead and squeezing hip/hamstrings to keep hips high. Lastly, the seated banded leg curl will have you sitting and using a band that challenges you but that also allows for all 30 reps to be done in an unbroken set.