October 7, 2023

Posted By: Christi

Today we have a great team workout for athletes to finish off the week with! Teams will work in 5 minute blocks starting with finding a heavy combined front squat total then moving to the bike. Athletes can share this work however they choose to work toward max calories. They will then finish with a quick couplet for max rounds where they will alternate rounds for the 5 minutes. There is no rest between each 5 minute effort so athletes should be ready to move directly into the next piece. The Grow and Refresh variations have some great alternative movements if needed.

Part 1
Front Squat
*find heavy single in 5 minutes

Part 2
As many reps as possible in 5 mins of
Calorie Bike

Part 3
Complete as many rounds as possible in 5 mins of:
5 Toes-to-bars
10 Dumbbell Push Press, 50/35 lbs

Post Work
For quality:
3x 10 Banded External Rotations
3x 8 L/8 R Landmine Muscle Snatches, pick load