September 14, 2023

Posted By: Christi

This is one of our most valuable days in the deload week! Keep it exactly what it is and use this time to both help increase flexibility and build strength through the range of motion we are working to create. The eccentric work is there to help increase flexibility so it’s important to be honest with the clock

3min Monostructural Cardio

Lower Body Stretch
2 x 8/side Eccentric Lateral Lunges (5 sec lowering)
2 x 8 Eccentric Kneeling Heels-to-Butts (5 sec lowering)
2 x 10 Eccentric Calf Raises (5 sec lowering)

Lower Body Strengthen
2 x 10/side Tempo Split Squats (3 sec down/up)
1 x 30 Banded Air Squats
2 x 12/side Single Leg Glute Bridges

3min Monostructural Cardio

Upper Body Stretch
3 x 7 Eccentric Pull-ups (5 sec negative)
2 x 8 Eccentric Dumbbell Flies, pick load (5 sec negative)
Roll/Smash Upper Back, 2 mins

Upper Body Strengthen
2 x 10 Jefferson Curls, pick load
2 x 10/side Tempo Single Arm Dumbbell Rows, pick load
50 Band Pull Aparts
50 Banded High Pulls