September 15, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Every 1 min for 15 mins, alternating between:
Min 1: 20/17 Bike Calories
Min 2: 10 Push-up w/Sandbag Drag
Min 3: 10 Alternating Front Rack Lunges, 135/95 lbs

Going to be a bit of a burner with that bike in the mix, especially after coming off the front rack lunges. See if you can hang on to the 20/17 calorie mark and if you fall off don’t stress. Take 2-3 calories off and try to maintain that for the rest of the workout. Front rack lunge is alternating steps so it’s 10 total (5/leg). Work to let that bar drift back in your fingertips since you don’t need to worry about it going anywhere else and it will help with you keeping a solid front rack position. If possible avoid doing a walking lunge where you are moving forward. Want you doing them alternating as it’s a bit tougher variation.

Post Work
:20ea. Bird Dog
Pigeon Stretch 2 min/ea