September 18, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Back Squat
Use the heaviest weight you can for each set.
Rest as needed between sets.

A heavy day with some back squats! We have a descending rep scheme today which means that you should be working up in weight with each set and avoid setting any 5 or 3 reps maxes. It should be heavy but we want to see an increase in weight with each set and the same thing goes for when you get into the singles. If you are feeling good for the last single and want to go for a PR that is all fine.

Post Work
3 Rounds:
6ea Single-Leg Reverse Lunge
12 Russian KB Swing
10ea Side Standing Teapot

Single-Leg Reverse Lunge is a great way to work on unilateral strength without the stress we would see on our knee in a pistol. You should be doing this with two DB’s to the side of your body. Russian swing should be on the heavy side with arms parallel to the floor at the top of the movement. Shoot for all 12 reps without putting the weight down. Standing teapot should have you keeping your shoulders square ahead and using the heaviest weight you can. Superset these movements and rest as needed between rounds.

1min ea. Banded Lying Hamstring Stretch
1min ea. Banded Lying Crossover Stretch