September 20, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Deload week is upon us! We are continuing with our strength cycle through the deload week but the first week is essentially a deload since we are looking to find a working weight that is lighter and not an all-time effort. You will notice the majority of this week’s workouts are for quality, on the minute or to just get it done. The overall arching theme is moderate volume and loading to help you recover and come into the next week eager and ready for more.

Part 1
Pause Back Squat
Find 1RM for the day

Changing up our main lift this week with the pause back squat! The goal for this week is to build to a heavy single within 20 minutes. Your final lift should be challenging but there should be no question of failure. We want you to be able to build in weight for the next two weeks. Be sure you are staying true to the :03sec pause at the bottom. Focus on keeping tension at the bottom of the squat and avoiding the urge to “bounce” or “rebound” out of the bottom of your squat.

Part 2
Olympic Squat
1 x 15 @ 70% effort

This is your traditional back squat, however, we want the bar to stay high on your back versus a low bar back squat. The stance is your traditional stance or slightly more narrow as you feel comfortable. Keeping things moderate this first week as it’s deload week, so think a 70% effort here.

Good Mornings
20-30 Banded Good Morning
10-15 Barbell Good Morning (adjust loading as needed).

Record weight on Pause Squat and Olympic Squat and weight/reps on Good Mornings. Leave some room in the tank for the following weeks.