September 22, 2020

Posted By: Christi

5-4-3-2-1 reps, for time of:
Hang Squat Clean, 205/145 lbs
Bench Press, 205/145 lbs
Strict Muscle-up

Goal: sub 9 mins
Notes: Sub Bench with either DB Bench Press or Floor press depending on class sizes. Sub Strict MU’s with a strict movement. Example, 1:1 Strict Pull-up & Ring Dip

Lower rep scheme and heavier weight today so don’t be afraid to grind this out a bit as long as you are close to the time domain. The hang squat clean should be something you can cycle with good mechanics but provides a challenge. Same goes for the bench but there could be some disparity here with loading. Be flexible and keep the weight or lower it so you are using a weight that you can get a heavy set of 5 with unbroken. Having to break things up after starting the workout and breathing hard is likely. Keep that muscle-up strict and work to modify the movement rather than just go to a kipping variation. There is some pacing that needs to be done here but generally between the movements. Be smart and avoid failure on any exercise.

Accessory Work
3 rounds for quality of:
Dead Hang, 45 secs
Waiters Walk, pick load, L 50 ft/R 50 ft
Handstand Hold, 25 secs

Static holds and carries to work on shoulder mobility today. The dead hang is intended to be a stretch to loosen things up, so don’t stress if you can’t hang for :45sec. Some will find your grip to be challenged here. You choose the weight for the waiters walk focusing on a quality position more than anything. Handstand hold can be done freestanding, against a wall, or in a pike position off a box. Rest as needed between movements and move with intention!

Post Work
:20sec ea. Single Arm Pec Stretch
:30sec Underhand PVC Stretch