September 28, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Heavy Day!

Back Squat
Find your 1RM in 20 minutes

Shoulder Press
Find your 1RM in 15 minutes

Finding our 1RM for the day in both the back squat and strict press. For the back squat, you will have 20min to find a 1RM and for the strict press, you will be given 15min. There will be no build-up sets prior to starting the clock but rather a comprehensive warm-up that will get you ready for each movement. Once the clock starts, start building in weight to find a heavy single. You should be resting at least 2-3min between sets and likely more as the weight gets heavier. The strict press is a very honest movement. You either have it or you won’t. For this movement, we want to avoid having you turn this into a strict chest press. The focus should be on keeping the belly down and bracing through the midline.

Post Work
:90sec ea. Foam Roll Quads
6 Bulgarian Split Squat + Rockback

Finishing off our day with a bit of dynamic stretching and foam rolling. For the bulgarian split squat athletes should be reaching down and then leaning back for an extra stretch through their quads & hip. Work through this for two rounds at and easy pace for quality.