September 29, 2022

Posted By: Christi

5 rounds for time of:
5 Back Squats, 275/185 lbs
10 Dumbbell Floor Press, 50/35 lbs
5 Bar MU’s
10 Weighted Straight Leg Sit-ups

Goal: Sub 18 mins

Heavy back squat and floor press followed up with some gymnastics work. The back squat should be something you can do for 5 reps but it should be challenging. Adjust loading as needed and if you need to break in the later rounds with 2 sets to complete the reps that’s ok. Floor press should be a tough set of 10 and ideally have you using dumbbells. If you are limited on loading feel free to use a barbell but with the same rule of no more than 2 sets to complete the work on any round. Our gymnastics work has you doing Bar MU’s. Modify this to a push/pull variation to work building strength as needed. This will likely happen much quicker than the weightlifting work and will have some interference especially with the upper body. Be smart with the pacing on this one!

Post Work
3 rounds for quality of:
Banded Plank Hold, 30 secs
Arms Overhead Hip Hinge Hold, 20 secs
Pike Hold, 10 secs

Today’s accessory is focusing on midline strength. Ideally, you are able to move from one exercise to the next and rest longer between rounds. The band you use for the plank should be sustainable allowing you to hold the entire :30seconds. Focus on moving for quality with each movement.