February 28, 2022

Back Squat 1 RMEstablish a 1RM in 20 mins. We have finished our squat progression and today we are going test out our Back Squat 1RM! You will be given 20-minutes to establish your 1RM. You should be building in weight so long you are moving well and feeling good. Ideally, you are taking one […]

February 26, 2022

8am-10am: Open Gym10am: Group WODTeams of 2 – For time:50 Bike Calories40 No Push-up Burpees40 Bike Calories35 No Push-up Burpees30 Bike Calories25 No Push-up Burpees20 Bike Calories17 No Push-up Burpees10 Bike Calories8 No Push-up Burpees One person is on the bike while the other is completing the no push up burpee. Switch when both have […]

February 25, 2022

CrossFit Games Open 22.1 Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 mins of:3 Wall Walks12 Dumbbell Snatches, 50/35 lbs15 Box Jump Overs, 24/20 in 22.1 Scaled VersionComplete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:3 Scaled Wall Walks12 Dumbbell Snatches (35/20)15 Box Jump-Overs, 24/20″ (may step up on box jump-overs) 22.1 Foundations VersionComplete […]

February 24, 2022

Part 1Hang Power Clean 1×2 10 mins to build to a heavy set of 2. Take one set every 1:30-2 minutes. Part 2Complete as many rounds as possible in 9 mins of:6 Clean & Jerks, 185/125 lbs3 Front Squats, 185/125 lbs1 Shuttle Run (100′ down and back x 3)Goal: 5+ Rounds Quick AMRAP today! This […]

February 23, 2022

2 rounds for max reps of:max rep Barbell Movements, 75/55 lbs, 5 minsmax rep Row Calories, 3 minsRest 2 mins We have another 2 round workout today but this one is very different from yesterdays. If you are looking to get after it you can but you can also treat this as a flow style […]

February 22, 2022

2 rounds for time of:20 Box Jumps, 24/20 in3 Deadlifts, 335/245 lbs50 Walking Lunges3 Deadlifts, 335/245 lbs30 Toes-to-bars3 Deadlifts, 335/245 lbs40 Push-ups3 Deadlifts, 335/245 lbs Time Cap: 15 mins This workout has a bit of a chipper vibe to it. The box jumps, walking lunge steps, toes to bar, and push up all provide bodyweight […]