April 20, 2023

Posted By: Christi

4 rounds for quality of:
1 min Jump Rope
2 min Handstand Walk / Handstand Hold Practice
3 min Dball Ground-to-Box
*many options for the Handstand walk will be given

Treat this as a “skill” day with some fun Dball work tossed in the mix. Load should be moderate on the Dball allowing for steady movement. If possible, alterntate reps with a partner on the Dball. Box should be set up at chest height.

Post Work
Banded Lat Stretch: :60 sec/side
Pec Stretch: :60 sec/side
Pigeon Stretch: :60 sec/side
Sprinter Stretch: :60 sec/side
Samson Stretch: :60 sec/side
Downward Dog: 1 min