July 7, 2020

Posted By: Christi

21 -15-9
Cal Row
Push Press (115/75)
Goal: Sub 7 min

Some pull/push in this one and the heart rate is going to get up there! This is meant to be a shorter workout so push the pace on the row and choose a loading that allows you to get the reps done in no more than 2-3 sets done with short breaks in each round. Fight to keep the push press exactly that. Avoid dropping under the barbell and turning it into a push jerk. Focusing on a shallow and aggressive dip can help with this.

3-4 Rounds
50ft Front Rack KB Carry
10 Single Arm DB Row/Side

Accessory work today will be focusing on midline stability and upper back pulling. For the front rack KB carry, you can easily swap this out for DB’s if needed. You should be using a weight that feels challenging for 50ft unbroken. Focus on keeping your midline from overextending.